Monday, February 24, 2014


Greetings Shark Fans,
I know many of you thought we had left you. To be completely honest, we weren't sure if we were coming back. Scratch that, that is a lie to make you feel better. Sharkadina is now a living part of us and will never die (whether we like it or not). - Sharkadina
Though it may not feel it, spring has sprung and the Shark is back in action. Gone are his days of Washington Nationals red (sadly) as this year, the Shark reports in Cincinnati  That's right, Roger Bernadina will be competing this year to snag a spot on the Reds' Opening Day roster.  And the Shark is ready. For further proof, read this article.  Or, if you're feeling lazy, just read the below quote from the article.
I’m focused on a new year,” he said. “I’ll do what it is to perform on the field.
The only thing that could prevent the Shark from making the roster is the strange-but-true fact that one of his teammates, Chad Rogers was once attacked by a bull shark. Though it's surely not a joking matter, I imagine it looked something like this.

While going to games won't be nearly as easy, we would love to keep the Shark nickname alive in Major League Baseball.  With Tyler in Chicago to catch games when he's playing the Cubs, and Terry in DC to catch Shark vs Nats games, we're ready for the 2014 season.

We leave you with this somewhat blurry shot of the Cincinnati Reds Spring Training camp.

Can you spot Roger Bernadina?

More to come?