Monday, August 19, 2013

Shark Forever.

Sharkadina is saddened to report that Roger "The Shark" Bernadina was released by the Washington National's today. Thank you to all of the loyal Shark fans who supported the nickname, this blog, and the player. It's been a fun ride.

We look forward seeing where The Shark makes landfall so we can continue to cheer for him.

....and update the color scheme of this blog.

More to come?


  1. It has been a fun ride.

  2. I am as sad now as after game 5. Let us all hope where ever the Shark lands, he will have the opportunity to display his skills, and excell. Davey buried him on the bench the last few weeks, never giving a real chance to rebound from a poor start. Hope you guys can get out to cheer him on in his new home, and maybe pass the torch to the new town, ala "Take on me".

  3. Agree with all you said, particularly the "game 5" part. Shark's catch of "Mike" Stanton's drive off Todd Coffey at Nats Park in '11 was one of the best EVER. Shark is a classy guy and I hope he signs somewhere and succeeds beyond our wildest dreams

  4. My custom made #33 Bernadina Nationals shirt now occupies the same pride of place in my Closet Of Fame as my #8 Ripken Orioles jersey. Shark on, Roger Bernadina, shark on.

  5. Good night, sweet prince