Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're Big in Florida

The Nats finished their feast on the Miami Marlins by winning their third game of the season and sweeping their NL East "rivals." We were disappointed that Shark did not get in the game even though he stood in the on deck circle twice. His lone contribution this season remains the famous SHARK ATTACKLE which helped bring in a run on Tuesday. Hopefully he will get some at bats in Cincinnati this weekend...

Terry's photoshop skills are getting better...which of these hoods aren't really there?
Sharkadina was at the game in force and much like Bryce Harper hitting two home runs in the first game of the year, we were featured on the jumbotron twice. But that's not all! Today also marked our return to the airwaves of Fox Sports Florida. You may remember last August when we were interviewed LIVE on the air by the very talented sideline reporter Allison Williams.

According to Shark fan @Steel6Rings who was watching in Florida we got "some serious face time" and were called "the Sharkadina dudes." We are waiting for the video to become available, but @ThatStatBoy provided us with this adorable screencap:

Tyler enjoys a Miller Lite while two other sharks get cozy...IT WAS COLD OUT, OK?
UPDATE: We have the video! Enjoy:

In the meantime...we are exactly four months away from the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER. Mark your calendars for August 3rd and join us at The Pfitz in Woodbridge for the Potomac Nationals game and get your very own half Bernadina half shark figurine. Keep checking the blog as we will continue to bring you breaking news regarding The Shark-a-rine.

More to come.

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