Friday, April 5, 2013


The Nationals swept the Marlins, but they face a much tougher test as they travel to Cincinnati to face Joey Votto and The Reds. The Shark is thirsty for some playing time and is circling the waters around the Reds...maybe because their name is the color of blood?

We're gonna need a bigger boat...
Remember the Shark ATTACKLE? Well The Nationals loved that term so much they gave us a shout-out on their official blog with the post A Shark Attackle 4 U. They did a photoshop contest and today posted some of the best. We'd like to post our favorite, or at least the one that embraces the ridiculous spirit of our own photoshops:

Congratulations @zachlwood! You clearly have skills with aquatic-themed-animal-sports-nicknamed image manipulation! Bonus points for the dorsal fin. We love a good dorsal fin. 

More to come.

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