Saturday, April 13, 2013


The Nats lost a heartbreaker in extra innings to Braves last night for their first loss at home. We will be there on Sunday to help cheer them on and hopefully see Shark CHOMPS eat up the racist tomahawk chop. Here is a visual approximation of what might happen if Shark gets in the game:

I want to take a moment to break this down. Look into the giant baseball head's eyes. Don't they look pained? And doesn't his smile look more like a grimace? Does he always look like that or is it just when his arm is being eaten by a ferocious beast?

Secondly, ricK anKiel has either turned into the devil or is going goth? Also I thought he played for Bo Porter's Astros now? This photoshop clearly raises more questions than answers.

More to come.

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