Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Opening Shark 2013


...and we at Sharkadina couldn't be happier.

Because we couldn't live with ourselves if we missed the first opportunity to see the Shark in action in the 2013 season, Shakadina attended our 3rd straight Nationals Opening Day (Year 1, Year 2).  The Shark didn't end up playing, but whatever, we could not miss the literal first chance that Shark could have possibly played this season (wildly confusing sentence).

We shaved off our playoff beards, (can't really consider Terry's a beard next to Tyler's) fabrezed the sh**k out of our hoods for the first time since January, reiterated to ourselves that we REALLY NEED TO GET THESE THINGS DRY CLEANED (they smell fine, the ketchup and BBQ sauce stains are not cute, though) and made our way to Nationals Park.

Then we sat in the sun and took a picture of ourselves.

We were VERY close to the seats we sat in for Game 4 of the NLDS last year (pause for Jayson Werth homage and montage) and we handed out as many business cards as we could.  Didn't even make a dent in our stock...

While sadly the Shark did not play, the game wasn't all bad.  A young prospect named Bryce Harper hit two home runs and another young gun (Stephen Strasburg) threw 7 shutout innings.  The Nationals ended up winning 2-0 without the Shark's help (which is an amazing feat itself).

We're looking forward to seeing more Nationals victories this year.  Even more so, we are looking forward to seeing the Shark in action in 2013.  While we won't be at the middle game of the series, we will be back on Thursday with 4 new Shark fans in tow.  Fish is still the Shark's favorite food and it's Marlin hunting season at Nationals Park.  CHOMP.

More to come.

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