Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sharkadina Today

USA Today is one of the most recognizable newspapers in the world. They are perhaps most well-known for headlines such as "Martin McFly Junior Arrested for Theft" and "Hoverboard Rampage Destroys Courthouse" (same issue?).  And now an even more impressive headline joins it's ranks: "Half of Roger Bernadina to be Commemorated in Giveaway." 
where we're going we don't need legs...we need fins!
The headline is obviously referring to the aptly named "Shark-a-rine." In his article, new friend of the blog Ted Berg breaks down the "one-of-kind, never before seen player figure" and starts with a little backstory about two of the best Washington-Nationals-aquatic-animal-baseball-player-fan-nicknamers (or just a couple of weirdos, depending on who you ask):
Two Nats fans gave him the nickname in 2010, then made up some hats and t-shirts and built a whole website about it. And why not? It's a strong nickname, far more clever than the standard shortened-name convention now unfortunately favored by fans and media everywhere –"R-Bern" or whatever.
We won't disagree with you, Ted, and even we would say that "R-Bern" is better than some other nicknames out there (cough Speed Racer cough...but we all know how that turned out).

He also brings up the point that the current images released by the Potomac Nationals aren't actual images of the statuette:
Once the real thing is created, it'll be interesting to see how they handle how it transitions from the shark to the Roger Bernadina, and whether Roger Bernadina's dorsal fin prevents the figurine from wearing a Roger Bernadina jersey.
We already proved two years ago that Bernadina can wear a dorsal fin AND a jersey. And then a kid showed us how to really do it.

The Shark Movement has been featured plenty in local news outlets, like The Washington Post and FSN Florida, but it is truly an honor to be featured in the same paper that reported "Ghost Fever Grips New York."

More to Come.

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