Monday, February 4, 2013

Birth of a Shark Nation

Today marks a special day in Sharkadina lore.

Today marks a day of discovery (No, not the Discovery Channel, and their incredible Shark Week).

Today, we give a special shout out to Nationals Inquisition.

It seems like only yesterday (but it was actually two years ago) that the Nationals Inquisition blog wrote a post entitled, I Never Knew Roger Bernadina Was Nicknamed "The Shark."  The article marked the first time that someone had discovered how hard Tyler and I worked to give Roger Bernadina his aquatic nickname.  It chronicles and questions everything from the urban dictionary entry to the Shark's wikipedia page to Roger's own addition to

He even linked to a picture of us:
Two young Shark fans alone in the stadium
Clearly, NatsNQ did their research.  In the post, he invited us to e-mail him for a future post...which we did...which inevitably lead to the birth of the Sharkadina blog.

So today, we say thank you Nationals Inquisition, for your early support and your integral part in the Shark movement!


More to come.

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  1. Congratulations. You guys have done a great service to Nats lore that will be remembered as long as there are Nats fans. Good job.