Sunday, February 17, 2013

Disco Shark Hat


Are you boring yourself to sleep every night because you have literally nothing to do since the 2013 baseball season hasn't started yet?

Do you have the following materials randomly lying around your apartment?
  • 1/2 to 1 inch thick Poly Foam 
  • Disconium Fabric 
  • Stretch velour (blood red) 
  • Felt (white and black) 
  • Thread (white and black) 
  • Needle 
  • Safety Pins 
  • Scissors (fabric and utility) 
  • Sewing machine 
Well then thank the Shark creator you've decided to look at right now because...

CHOMP! Happy Disco Shark Hat Day!

In one of our twice-hourly (48 times a day exactly) google searches for Roger+Shark+Bernadina, we uncovered this beauty.  With the combination of 70's style music and our favorite aquatic animal, this is deFINitely one of the best Roger Bernadina inspired caps we've seen in a long time.  Well done Henry (presumably that is your name)!


More to come.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Sharkiversary!

2 years have passed so quickly...

While the birth of the Shark nickname (and consequently the Shark movement) was August 26th, 2010, the blog that is Sharkadina was not formed until February 9th, 2011.  I know what some of you are thinking; if i can just go back in time 2 years, I can poison Terry and Tyler and ensure this stupidity doesn't happen.  Others of you may be thinking, two years ago today marked the beginning of my life (though those are most likely 2 year-olds, who happen to be surfing the web).  Others still may think, Sharkadina is okay in my book.  We like that third category of others the best.

Anyway, to commemorate the start of Sharkadina, here are excerpts from our first two posts, which were both written on the fateful day, February 9th, 2011:
February 9th, 2011
There are a ton of sharks out there, but Roger Bernadina is by far the most ferocious. You need proof?
Angel Shark: Christopher Lloyd with fins
Bull Shark: Cross breeding different classes of animals is dangerous and disgusting
Mako Shark: If this type of shark wasn't so obscure, maybe Mike Morse could have been something.
Whale Shark: Just a confused fish
Roger Bernadina: One bad ass, rock star, hero of a Nationals outfielder
A Call to All Roger Bernadina FansFebruary 9th, 2011
By this time, we all know about Roger "The Shark" Bernadina. The problem is that we (the readers of this blog, which might just be 1 person) are not enough. 'We' need to get 'them'(the rest of the world) to know all about the shark as well....
Lets make this year, "The Intimidating Time Period of the Carnivorous Fish/Nationals Baseball Player" or maybe something more simple.
Here is a non-edited shark cake some fans made for us.

I leave you with a trivia question, that only true Shark fans will know (unless you are a very good guesser...). What was the original name of the this blog?

More to come

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sharkadina Today

USA Today is one of the most recognizable newspapers in the world. They are perhaps most well-known for headlines such as "Martin McFly Junior Arrested for Theft" and "Hoverboard Rampage Destroys Courthouse" (same issue?).  And now an even more impressive headline joins it's ranks: "Half of Roger Bernadina to be Commemorated in Giveaway." 
where we're going we don't need legs...we need fins!
The headline is obviously referring to the aptly named "Shark-a-rine." In his article, new friend of the blog Ted Berg breaks down the "one-of-kind, never before seen player figure" and starts with a little backstory about two of the best Washington-Nationals-aquatic-animal-baseball-player-fan-nicknamers (or just a couple of weirdos, depending on who you ask):
Two Nats fans gave him the nickname in 2010, then made up some hats and t-shirts and built a whole website about it. And why not? It's a strong nickname, far more clever than the standard shortened-name convention now unfortunately favored by fans and media everywhere –"R-Bern" or whatever.
We won't disagree with you, Ted, and even we would say that "R-Bern" is better than some other nicknames out there (cough Speed Racer cough...but we all know how that turned out).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Birth of a Shark Nation

Today marks a special day in Sharkadina lore.

Today marks a day of discovery (No, not the Discovery Channel, and their incredible Shark Week).

Today, we give a special shout out to Nationals Inquisition.

It seems like only yesterday (but it was actually two years ago) that the Nationals Inquisition blog wrote a post entitled, I Never Knew Roger Bernadina Was Nicknamed "The Shark."  The article marked the first time that someone had discovered how hard Tyler and I worked to give Roger Bernadina his aquatic nickname.  It chronicles and questions everything from the urban dictionary entry to the Shark's wikipedia page to Roger's own addition to

He even linked to a picture of us:
Two young Shark fans alone in the stadium
Clearly, NatsNQ did their research.  In the post, he invited us to e-mail him for a future post...which we did...which inevitably lead to the birth of the Sharkadina blog.

So today, we say thank you Nationals Inquisition, for your early support and your integral part in the Shark movement!


More to come.