Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Sharks One Coat

Hello from a couple of losers!

Yesterday, the Nationals blog Curly W Live held a contest with a prize like none other. "We will pick one lucky fan to join us in the press box for a 2013 Nationals home game and write a post for Curly W Live."  The guidelines: All you have to do is state your case in the comments below. Keep it under 250 words.

Naturally, we had to try. So we posted:

Hi, we are Tyler and Terry, not a couple, but a couple of die-hard Nats fans who happen to have created/write for  Ever since nicknaming Roger Bernadina “The Shark” on August 26, 2010, Sharkadina has been a popular and distinct voice in the Nats fan community.  We arguably run the best Washington-Nationals-aquatic–animal-nicknamed-baseball –player-fan- blog (definitely in the top 3) on the internet.  We would like to bring that top-3 attitude to you at Curly W Live.

Here are some things you can expect when we cover a game for Curly W Live:
  • Original fleece shark hoods (no matter how hot it is outside, or inside the booth).
  • Poor attempts at Photoshopped images of baseball players and Sharks.
  • Animal nicknames for everyone (players, coaches, you)
  • A plethora of obscure baseball facts
  • Shameless rooting for our favorite player (THE SHARK)
All this and more, will be provided to you, assuming you let us into the booth.

On our end, sure we would benefit from the exposure, but honestly, we think that nothing would be more beautiful than being in the press box and seeing 40,000 Nats fans on their feet doing the Shark Chomp when Bernadina bats…which is all we really want.

Finally, if it turns out that you will only bring one person into the booth for this, we promise to buy an extra long trench coat, place Terry on Tyler’s shoulders and go by the name of Tylerry for the entire night.

It would have been the chance of a lifetime, but alas it wasn't meant to be.  We know, as well as the Nationals, that resizing all the doors at Nats Park to accommodate Tylerry would have been difficult, anyway.  We'll just have to find a different way to get into the Press Box....
Anyway, congrats to the winner Michelle!Also, a special Sharkadina shout out to Allison Marcus who's 2 year old does the Shark Chomp when Bernadina's intro music plays and one more shout out to Dan McKeever who slept in a Shark hat during the playoffs!


More to come.

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  1. Great website to honour a great person and a brilliant outfielder.