Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shark Number

Although yesterday might have been the biggest day in Tyler's life (or definitely in the top 1500 days ever), today was arguably the  biggest day for the Washington Nationals this offseason.  It ranks up there with this awesome day. In a shocking announcement, new National Denard Span will be wearing the Shark's number this year:
Span wore number 2 while playing for the Minnesota Twins and apparently got the Shark's okay to continue wearing it.   That said, Twitter was not so sure about this:

After the dust settled from the atom bomb announcement, the next question arose: What number will the Shark wear?

Or why does he even need a number at all?
Here at Sharkadina, we agree that 4 and 7 are the most Shark-like numbers.  #4 is a dorsal fin when Bernadina is standing up. #7 is a dorsal fin when he's making one of his jaw-dropping diving catches.

No matter what number the Shark chooses, whether, 4, 7, "The Shark" or any other number, we support him.  The Shark is The Shark no matter what number is on his back.

We also wish Span well with his new number.  He'll never be the Shark or anywhere near as good, but using the Shark's old number might help him this year.
We'll be back with more information about his new number as soon as we know.

In some unrelated news, the Nationals resigned Adam "The Stag" LaRoche to a two year deal and:

More to come.

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