Friday, January 11, 2013

Jawsome Dutch Interview

Roger Bernadina was interviewed on Dutch Radio yesterday and it was Jawsome, which, as the radio host explained to her listeners is "Awesome with a capital J." The interview covered a range of topics, most of which we couldn't understand because we don't speak dutch. The Google Translated summary is: "In baseball-loving countries, he is a superstar. But when I call his name, then I do not think anyone here in the Netherlands when a light comes on; ballplayer Roger "The Shark" Bernadina." Sounds about right. Thankfully, some of our international Twitter followers came to our rescue with highlights and quotes. If you do speak Dutch, or are a true hardcore Sharkadina fan, you should watch the webcam version of the interview.
Roger demonstrates the Shark Chomp on air
Our Twitter follower @KeijzerJasper provided us with a rundown of topics covered: our website, how he got the shark nickname, how proud he is of the nickname, his MVP catch (referred to as the Shark Dive), the World Baseball Classic, his daily routine, baseball in general, concentration during the game and Strobe Eyewear in pre-game.

In the interview, you can clearly hear them talking about and see them visiting the website on air (around the 4:00 minute mark):

See our website? ^
Another Twitter follower, @MartijnBeenker gave a us a partial transcript:

Roger: A few years back, two boys (editor's note: THAT'S US!) came up with the name “The Shark”. I think it’s because I make diving catches, which I love to do, haha. I really liked the name, thought it was good.

Host: now on those two guys that started On that site the guys came up with a complete dictionary, including the word Jawsome and buy Shark-hats. So people wear that to the game?

Roger: Yeah they do! Awesome. And when I bat, they call it the Shark Chomp. I’m the only guy in the team with a nickname. I think it’s a great honor.

We're honored that you're honored, Shark. Again, we highly recommend watching the interview. If we get more of it translated (or if anyone reading this wants to help out and translate some of it) we will be sure to post it.

More to come.

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