Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Tyler!

So I had this post all written up about how the Redskins loss yesterday was the sickeningly perfect blind carbon copy of the Nationals NLDS Game 5 loss last October.  It went on to discuss how the Shark's preseason training methods were going to inspire and drive the Nationals to victory.  How the unstoppable pitching staff was going to combine with the Shark led "Eat-Em-And-Weep-Offense" (a term I believe I just coined) to push the Nationals to a World Series victory.  Honestly, it was a pretty good post.  But then I remembered...


So none of that matters, it is much more important to take a page from the June 12, 2011 handbook and celebrate the taller and more bearded half of Sharkadina.

So help me celebrate Tyler by enjoying with him these Shark themed birthday cakes I found online:

Tyler would especially like this one from Chirky because of the attention to detail.
You can see ferocity in those eyes.
It looks just like the Shark!
Roger Bernadina poses for Topps 2013
I only half wish Tyler changes his name to Eren so I can make him this cake...
I guess the name BEREN could work too if I squeeze the B in.
Nothin intimidating about this Shark Cake.  I just love Rocky so much

This happy home baking cake only looks like a shark if you squint your eyes shut.

Tyler, it is Peter's birthday too!
I will end with this one because if I ever make one of these (which I will NEVER do), it would turn out like this special shark cake.

Happy Birthday Tyler.  May the flame of everlasting shark joy burn fiercely within you.  Also, here's to at least 3 to 5 more Shark birthday cards.

Dear all, please harass Tyler endlessly about it being his birthday. His twitter handle is @tyindc.  You have the next month.

More to come.

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