Thursday, January 24, 2013

And Now...Dazzled Kid! (Dutch Interview Part II)

Earlier this month, Roger Bernadina was interviewed on Dutch Radio. We posted some highlights of the interview in which he talks about us, our website, and the nickname. But, with our reputation as one of the top 3 Washington-Nationals-aquatic-animal-nicknamed-baseball-player-fan-blogs, we are required to post a transcript of the entire interview. Thank you Shark fan @MartijnBeenker for the translation!

Click below for the whole interview with highlights including The Shark's daily routine, turbo work outs, mega-fails, shark mode, relax-mode, special glasses, and WHO IS DAZZLED KID?

Bob Carpenter sound bite: "Gio will jam him and here comes Bernadina on the run and he will make the diving catch"

Host: haha the diving catch! Here in the studio: Roger Bernadina, one of the best Baseball players inthe Netherlands, and a star in The US. He plays for the Washington Nationals, and is playing for theDutch team during the World Baseball Classic. And after a disappointing European Championship(football/ or soccer as you call it), we might be ready for an awesome World Championship baseball!We know about the daily life of soccer players, but what do you do?

Roger: well uhhm, it begins with Spring Training to get ready for the season. During five weeks you work towards the season. During season, you’ll arrive at the stadium at around 2 PM., and you’re supposed to be on the line at around 4 pm. Games begin at 7. It’s very relaxed, but at 7, I’m completely focused

Co-host: so no 4-hours-a-day-turbo-work-out?

Roger: No no, We play 162 games. Season lasts from april till September.

Host: So every day, you’ll play a game. Or almost every day. That’s intense. But after September, what happens?

Roger: I’ll take both mental and physical rest. Then start training for 2 months in preparation.

Host: In the US, baseball is a popular sport, but here the sport is less popular

Bob Carpenter sound bite: "Hit's that one out to center...Bernadina going back...back...UNBELIEVABLE CATCH! Roger Bernadina! That's one of the best catches you will ever see with a ball hit over the centerfielder's head!"

Host: you remember this moment? One of your best catches ever!

Roger: Yes I remember. The batter hit the ball, which flew over my head. Based on my reflexes and after a head-roll, I got it.

Host: you’re an outfielder. So you’re responsible for catching! That’s a shark-dive right?

Roger: It’s based on reflexes, I guess. A lot of repetitions and training.

Host: Is it also based on luck?

Roger: might be a bit, hahaha

Host: so you’re waiting in the outfield, what are you doing during that time?

Roger: you’ll have to stay focused, watching your surroundings. And you get a break of course. But when the pitcher is ready, we’re in the zone!

Cohost: do you train your concentration?

Roger: yep we’re trained to be focused. But honestly, it’s hard to stay focused.

Host: as a soccerplayer, something’s happening all the time. This one time I went to Chicago, to the baseball stadium, which was one big spectacle. But on the field, there are moments in which nothing happens.

Roger: Yes but when the pitcher’s ready, I’m focused!

Host: What happens if you don’t catch the ball? Is that a mega-fail?

Roger: I don’t want to call it that. It’s still sports. In ten battings, you’ll succeed three times. So the sport is based on making mistakes.

Host: But your mistakes are noticeable compared to other sports?

Roger: yes, it’s stressfull but you will have to cope with it. Deal with it. Take a deep breath! Which I can do.

Dave Jaegler(?) sound bite: "Looper shallow left...this could be trouble...Bernadina on the run...dives and he caught it! A diving catch towards the line! Bernadina with the defensive play of the night and the entire first base dugout is doing THE SHARK!"

Host: doing the shark! That’s miming a shark with your hands?

Roger: yeah the shark mode

Cohost: are there any hoolings like here?

Roger: well, I’ve seen some incidents but, they were very limited, not intense. But it happens. Americans express themselves more gentle during sports.

Host: and families go to the game. That’s not the case with soccer.

Host: tell us about your training glasses?

Roger: when I’m batting, in the MLB there are great pitchers, so I use special glasses to visually slow down the ball... We use it to train before the game, to train our reflexes. The glasses blink, and then they throw a ball at me, which I catch. That way I stay alert.

Host: You’re very relaxed here in the studio!

Roger: Yeah, but in the field, I’m very focused. Now I’m in relaxmode

Host: Another interesting thing is that there is a special event for the WBC in March. You can win atrip to New York and the Fan Cave to follow the WBC, while blogging.Roger: The Dutch team is looking for a number one fan, who can go to Manhattan and cheer us on.Host: Go to Twitter or Facebook to find the link to the application form! And now, Dazzled Kid!

Watch the original interview (in dutch) here.

More to come.

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