Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Shark Moments of 2012

It's the end of the year and everyone is making lists! We sat down and reread every post of the year (which we do about once a week) and went about the impossible task of ranking them. We just did the impossible.

The Top 12 Shark Moments of 2012

12. Friday the Sharkteenth
Terry and Tyler attend their first game together of the season.

11. #shakitude park #ourpark
Mark Grace of FSN Arizona decides he's a shark fan as he talks about us for an entire inning on air.

10. Radio Shark: You've Got Questions, We've Got Jaws.
Nats radio announcers Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler can't keep a straight face while reading this blog on the air.

9. Shark Radio Recap
Terry and Tyler get interviewed on Matt Dahl Radio and their nicknaming skills are put to the test.

8. Shark Face/Off
Have you ever been searching the web for photos of your favorite baseball player and found a picture of you with his face photoshopped over your own?

7. Sharkadina on Fox Sports Florida 
Talented sideline reporter Allison Williams interviews Tyler and Terry LIVE on Florida TV in front of dozens of Marlins fans.

6. Sharkadina Night
A local bar, Big Board DC, hosts the first annual Sharkadina Night and Shark hits a home run.

5. Shark Sign
Bernadina autographs our newly won game worn jersey and we get interviewed by

4. Card Shark(adina)
Have you seen the back of Roger Bernadina's baseball card? It's got our website on it.

3. How We (Almost) Won Free Burritos For A Year (Again)
So, so close.

2. Congratulations Shark Fans
We win our epic internet fued with Nats beat reporter Bill "Speed Racer" Ladson.

Shark's biggest play of his career (so far).

BONUS- Top Shark vs. of 2012
Shark vs. Cubs
Our most controversial photoshop ever.

Thanks for reading in 2012 Shark fans! Our resolution is to continue being the most jawesome aquatic-themed-baseball-player-nicknamed-blog on the internet. Or at least the top 5.

More to come.

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