Monday, November 5, 2012


It's no secret that here at Sharkadina, we love kids. And kids love The Shark. As we revealed in our interview with Dan Steinberg, we work at a children's theatre: Imagination Stage. We have an entire section on our blog full of fun activities for kids. We once brought an entire group of 9 year olds to Nats park for a Shark-themed birthday party. Speaking of birthday parties, we have even showcased the best ever shark birthday cakes.

Well all of that is child's play (pun intended) to what is, without a doubt the BEST Shark Halloween costume of all time. And you don't have to take our word for it, this little Sharkadina Jr. won the official Nats Halloween contest. Here is Ryan Smith's Shark pup all dressed up and hunting down candy:

we're going to need a bigger candy bag
Why would a kid want to dress up as The Shark? All it takes is an in person encounter with the nicest guy in baseball

the power of the shark compels you
After being blessed by The Holy Shark, this little Sharkadina Jr. quickly ditched his Espinosa jersey for the full on Shark suit, which has, to date, only been seen in the wild during Shark Week or attacking Teddy.

Here are a couple more photos because they are simply too cute not to post. Great work, Ryan Smith!

fierce teeth
we're all waiting for baseball season with you,
little buddy
 More to come.

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