Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NLDS: Game 3

To those of you who don't know, NLDS stands for Nationals: Le Dopest Sh**.

To those of you who knew what NLDS stands for, please don't tell anyone, because let's be honest, even though "Nationals: Le Dopest Sh**" might not make much sense (with French, etc), the Nationals are dope as sh** so why break those innocent innocent hearts.

After splitting the first two games of the NLDS, the Nationals and the Cardinals head to DC.  While after the first game, we were all hoping for a sweep, splitting the games in St. Louis is the next best thing.  The Nationals, lead by the Shark, are ready to DEVOUR THE CARDINALS with home field advantage.  The Nats were 50-31 at home this season, which is nice!  The Cardinals were 38-43 away from St. Louis which is nice for the Nats too!  Let's hope the Nats can keep that trend going and win in 4.  To do that, they really ought to utilize the Shark.

Here's why: the Shark batted .308 at Nationals Park this year with 14 runs, 10 RBIs, 8 SB, and a home run.  He made more than his share of tremendous/shark-like catches and he bit/mamed 15 opposing players at home (as opposed to 9 on the road).  In short, he acted like a Shark and will continue to do so.  Therefore, Davey Johnson, get him in the game and cut him loose. CHOMP!!!

Tyler and I were going to be at the game tomorrow... until the game time was set at 1pm.  We have an all-staff meeting at Imagination Stage.  That said, we will be there on Thursday and we hope to see some Shark magic.  If you are going to be there, keep an eye out for the Shark and keep an eye out for Sharkadina.   LET'S GO NATIONALS!!!!

Finally, speaking of Shark magic, I leave you with some real magic.  Have you ever googled "Shark Nationals" images (of course you have), just to see what stuff is out there (that is not directly posted by us)?  In our recent search, this is what we found:

The photograph, which was taken by Terry Sosnowich shows off some real magic.  I don't remember this at the time (which was the same game where Mark Grace talked about us on FSN Arizona) but apparently, the world went to greyscale for a moment, ALTHOUGH (and this is the magic part) we miraculously stayed in color.  I KNOW!  It seems impossible, but this must have been the case.  I double checked weather.com to see if there were any cosmic storms or nuclear spills that day, but came up fruitless.  I will keep looking.  Either way, nice work Terry, for capturing this moment.  It's an awesome image.

More to come.

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