Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meet Me in Shark Louis

The Washington Nationals just won Game One of the NLDS! If you missed the game, I recommend catching the highlights over at Federal Baseball. While the Shark didn't play a big role (he drew a pinch hit walk in the 6th inning), the city of St. Louis did make him feel welcome by redecorating their landmark, The SharkWay to the West:
The St. Louis Sh-Arch?
When we started Sharkadina, we never imagined that we'd be watching Roger Bernadina in a playoff game while Twitter blew up with Shark references. It is truly jawesome and we can't wait to be at Nats Park on Wednesday watching a standing room only crowd CHOMP while Bernadina helps to bring down the Cardinals and move the Nats to the NLCS!

BONUS VIDEO: We normally only show Shark highlights on this blog, but we just had to bring you this shark-like catch by The Great Werth.

More to come.

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