Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shark, Don't Tell.

Last night was a pretty big one for The Shark. So instead of our normal quirky commentary and we are going to show and not tell (I learned that in Creative Writing class). 

First off, this jawesome photo was snapped just after his home run. Notice the Shark Chomps in the dugout and guy in Shark hat above the dugout. Get your own Shark hat here.

shark in all his glory
Next up, another catch proving why he was nicknamed The Shark. He hunts down fly balls like a Shark hunts his prey. The fans know it and show it:

courtesy of check them out
 Finally, after the game, Shark was interviewed on the MASN post game show and he made a splash with his fashion statement:

Where have we seen that shirt before? Get your own Sharkadina shirts here.

More to come.

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