Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Shark Fan of the Month

Apparently, we are doing Shark Fans of the Month...So why not continue!

After much deliberation, forcing us to hold off on the post until September 1, congratulations to Philip Freedman, August's Shark fan of the Month!  Philip earned this award when he e-mailed saying,

"I recently ordered a jersey and had it custom made to be for Sharkadina instead of Bernadina.  I now live in NYC and have tickets to 2 out of three games in left field.  Hopefully I will see him there."

Philip, if you are reading this, Tyler and I are both ridiculously jealous of your jersey.  Send us a picture so we can make you more famous than you can even imagine (or at least as famous as one picture in a blog post of an Aquatic themed-Washington Nationals-outfielder-unofficial-baseball blog can make you).

I need this.
Additionally, if you are looking for a Sharkadina shirt that isn't a jersey, you can find them here.

More to come.

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