Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shark > Wall

It takes a lot to stop a shark. I learned all about it in my all time favorite book: Shark vs. Train (actual children's book). The list of things that can't stop a shark is long: the boat from Jawsairplanes, dinosaursevery other MLB mascot, and WALLS:

After it looked like Shark might be hurt, I quickly turned to my handy diagram of Shark's Anatomy to diagnose the injury. I didn't see anything there that could be a problem, so my next thought was that the Braves were employing Black Magic or were Goblincinerating. (Side Note: we have made up some  really weird $#*! on this blog).

By the time I'd thought about all the possibilities, Shark was up and moving and stayed in the game. After the game, he put some ice on it and said "You don't think about it, you just go on instinct. I knew I was pretty close. The only play I could make was to jump to get it. I had to keep us in the game."

Proving once again that Bernadina has the strength, the speed, and the soul of a shark. And it's going to take a lot more than a wall to stop him and the Washington Nationals.

More to come.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


The Nats win again!  Since our last post, the Shark-led Washington Nationals have won two of three to improve their record to 86-53.  Every day they win, they set a new record (as their previous most wins in a season was 81).  The Shark is having fun, the team is having fun, and the fans are having fun.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we showed you images from Shark Park?  The Shark had on PH appearance and a chunk of the crowd went nut doing the Shark Chomp.  It was a beautiful thing to behold.  Long story short, people enjoyed it, and now it happens EVERY TIME HE BATS! MASN captured the crowds ferocious chomps on camera, and Woeful Nats made art with it.  Check out the Woeful Nats blog and check out this GIF.

DC Sports Nexus

It truly is a beautiful thing.  Keep it up Nats fans.  It intimidates the other teams and the rest of the United States as the Nationals and the Shark continue to battle for the top playoff spot.

One more thing:
When doing the Shark chomp, be sure to use your fingers as teeth as you can see here: SHARK CHOMPING).  Daddy Desmond knows how to do it.

If you keep your hands flat, it will look like you are doing the University of Florida Gator Chomp and you will look like this guy:


More to come.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shark, Don't Tell.

Last night was a pretty big one for The Shark. So instead of our normal quirky commentary and we are going to show and not tell (I learned that in Creative Writing class). 

First off, this jawesome photo was snapped just after his home run. Notice the Shark Chomps in the dugout and guy in Shark hat above the dugout. Get your own Shark hat here.

shark in all his glory
Next up, another catch proving why he was nicknamed The Shark. He hunts down fly balls like a Shark hunts his prey. The fans know it and show it:

courtesy of check them out
 Finally, after the game, Shark was interviewed on the MASN post game show and he made a splash with his fashion statement:

Where have we seen that shirt before? Get your own Sharkadina shirts here.

More to come.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shark Tees Off on the Cubs

Roger Bernadina hit his fourth home run of the season tonight. You are going to want to WATCH THE VIDEO, Shark Fans. You can clearly hear "Shark! Shark! Shark!" right before the big swing and when he walks back into the dugout the entire team is doing the Shark Chomp! So much fun to watch.

Shark isn't the only one hitting home runs- the Nats have hit SIX HOME RUNS in EACH of the last two games against the Cubs. That's just plain silly. Kind of like this picture. 

This photoshop first appeared on this blog last April and generated so much buzz on Twitter, we just had to bring it back. After the past two games, it's more apropos than ever.

More to come.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Roger Bernadina: The Greek (Shark) God

Although, this isn't necessarily news to anyone (we knew that the Shark was jacked since before last season), the Shark is built like a Great White.  This fact was further embedded in our psyche when the Bernadina's teammates could not hide in their jealousy of the Shark's physique.  You can read the whole article in the Washington Post article here, but I will include some highlights below.

Additionally, I may adjust some of the direct quotations, but why would I do that?  Just trust what you read here and if you need confirmation, you can read the article.

"The guy is a Greek god" said teammate Chad Tracy, whose locking is adjacent to Bernadina's at Nationals Park. "I've played against him but you don't realize how solid he is until you see him with his shirt off.  His dorsal fin is pure muscle."
He hired a personal trainer in his native Curacao.  They did whole body training and lifting for about 90 minutes five days a week.  he has done that every offseason since.  During the season he works out two to three times a week to maintain.  He adapted his diet, too, loading up on proteins such as dolphins, salmon, belugas, blue whales, krakken, Soviet nuclear submarines and choosing natural foods. (there is still some fast food in his diet, but his metabolism can clearly handle it).
After Bernadina changed from street clothes into a t-shirt and shorts at his locker before Sunday's game, DeRosa looked at Bernadina and asked: "How small is your waist?"

Bernadina laughed it off and walked away.  DeRosa continued, "If the they didn't have the [absurd] no aquatic creatures rule, he could play in the NFL tomorrow."
"He's pretty humble, "Tracy said earlier, laughing. "If I had that dorsal fin, I'd never have clothes on."

As you can see, the Shark's teammates are pretty impressed with his body.  Everybody wants to be the Shark.  I now leave you with a challenge.  With Bernadina this jacked, can you pick him out from the crew from the 90's short-lived TV show, Street Sharks?

More to come.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Shark Fan of the Month

Apparently, we are doing Shark Fans of the Month...So why not continue!

After much deliberation, forcing us to hold off on the post until September 1, congratulations to Philip Freedman, August's Shark fan of the Month!  Philip earned this award when he e-mailed saying,

"I recently ordered a jersey and had it custom made to be for Sharkadina instead of Bernadina.  I now live in NYC and have tickets to 2 out of three games in left field.  Hopefully I will see him there."

Philip, if you are reading this, Tyler and I are both ridiculously jealous of your jersey.  Send us a picture so we can make you more famous than you can even imagine (or at least as famous as one picture in a blog post of an Aquatic themed-Washington Nationals-outfielder-unofficial-baseball blog can make you).

I need this.
Additionally, if you are looking for a Sharkadina shirt that isn't a jersey, you can find them here.

More to come.