Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Shark Speaks

Everyone is STILL talking about The Catch of the Year. And yes, he officially beat out Mike Trout's catch for best of the year. If you haven't voted yet, please do: Which Web Gem do you think is best of the best? Unless you're from Arizona, because that state has clearly been HACKED (it has 50 more votes than California and 98% for Trout) because we already know Arizonans are Shark Fans!

For those of you Shark Fans who have never had the chance to meet Roger Bernadina, you may be wondering what he sounds like in person. Well he just gave two jawesome interviews about the catch. One was in the locker room after the catch and the other was the next day. We unfortunately can't embed them, but they are worth going over to MASN to watch.

After making the game-ending catch in the 12th, Roger Bernadina speaks to the media

Reporter: "Did you think you had a shot to get it the whole way?"
Shark: "Yeah, yeah, I knew I had a shot all the way..."
Off Screen Ian Desmond(?): "He's The Shark, he always thinks he has a shot!"

Reporter: "How about the moment running back to the dugout with everyone doing The Shark move...did you see them doing that?"
Shark: "Yeah, yeah, no my teammates are great!"

Roger Bernadina and Craig Stammen break down the film of the Shark's leaping catch

Kristina: "Regardless of the game situation, he's going after that ball the same way every time- that's why they call him The Shark"

Kristina: "Living up to your nickname The Shark. Do you like that nickname?
Shark: "Yeah, yeah, The Shark...I remember [sic?] those guys came up with the name, but yeah, I love it, I love it. You know, I'll stick with it.

And here's one more snippet from an article in The Washington Times- Nats’ ‘Shark’ savors his catch:
The chants were so loud Roger Bernadina could hear them reverberating as he walked through the tunnel toward the visitors’ clubhouse at Minute Maid Park Tuesday night. Reveling in another victory, the Washington Nationals turned the music up and awaited their hero of the night.
“Shark! Shark! Shark!” They screamed, as they waited for Bernadina to join them after an on-field interview, moments after his jaw-dropping catch in left-center field had saved their win over the Houston Astros. They clapped their hands with their arms outstretched, pantomiming the chomping motion of a shark, the nickname given to Bernadina years ago for the way he hunts down balls in the outfield.
The Nationals’ 28-year-old outfielder, one of the organization’s longest-tenured players, smiled at the sight of his teammates. He stretched out his arms and chomped back at them, soaking in the moment.
The Shark has arrived. Four days until Shark Week!

More to come.

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