Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sharkadina on Fox Sports Florida

I know what you are all saying to yourself (and please correct me if I am wrong), "It's great to see that Sharkadina is posting and all, but they haven't been at a game in FOREVER!"

Let's be honest, the games are definitely the most fun.  Remember the first game Tyler met the Shark and won Fan of the Game?  Or the time, we hung out with the Shark after the game outside the clubhouse? When Terry won Fan of the Game and the Shark autographed his game worn jersey? How about when MARK GRACE TALKED ABOUT US FOR AN ENTIRE INNING on Fox Sports Arizona?!

Well, wait no more, avid Shark fans! As promised, Tyler and I (Terry) attended today's game and watched as Strasburg and the Nats beat the Miami Marlins 4-1 (Shark bunted out in his only AB).  Despite the intoxicating (or was that heat stroking) sun, baking and burning us, we sported our Shark hoods and chomped through the 9 innings.  We also brought a California Tortilla fish taco for Bernadina, but will have more information about that later...

...because, the best part of the game was that we had the opportunity to be interviewed LIVE on air during the sixth inning on Fox Sports Florida! We were interviewed by the talented sideline reporter Allison Williams:
Terry and Tyler do a synchronized Shark wave on FSMarlins
If you had the opportunity to watch it live, lucky you!  If not, you can watch the bootleg version below:

In other news, we also are getting some more attention by the media, as our story was featured on BreakThru Radio in there article about five famous guys with the nickname "The SharkJust Call Me "The Shark"- Shark Week. Of course, one of those guys is Roger Bernadina.  Check out this article, because honestly, they do a better job talking through the origin of the nickname than we ever do...

More to come.

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