Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shark Tanks at Full

The Shark Tank is back!

... and the results are immediately clear!  After dropping 2 games to the Phillies and there filthy fans. the Nats shut out the Phils 3-0 tonight.  The fact that the Shark only came in as a defensive sub at the end of the game only goes to prove how much control the Nats really had.  They didn't need the Shark Knight to rise this time (which is okay so long as I have @valliant306's jaw-dropping poster to stare at for an unhealthy amount of time).  If the Shark had played, I'm sure the outcome would have been even more lopsided, though Jonathon Papelbon would have been in a little more pain...

In other news...

The Sharkadina Tank is back, too!

After a long hiatus, I (Terry) am back to posting alongside Tyler.  I am the first to admit that Tyler's recent posts (especially this one, and this one) were brilliant and Sharkadina 3.0 is going to stay strong through October.  Because of a stupid work schedule, I've been out of commission since July 4th, and as it turns out, neither of the Sharkadina founders have been to a game since July 6th (what the SH**K?!) The plan is for that to change on Sunday, when Tyler and I can both go.  We just need to get tickets.

In addition to our traditional Shark garb, we will be bringing with us one additional item.  That item, of course, is a California Tortilla Fish Taco!!  For the second year in a row, @CalTort is offering anyone who can get a picture of the Shark with a fish taco,  free burritos for a year.  We want those free burritos and we are going to get them.  Apparently, they didn't believe it when we snapped this picture last year...

Maybe it was the fact that Hanley Ramirez was the fish stuffed in the taco... I dunno.

More to come.

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