Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shark: "I love the nickname"

After Charlie and Dave read Sharkadina on the air, they had to talk to Roger Bernadina about what he thought of it. He was interviewed Nats Radio before the game on Tuesday and of course we have the clip for you! You can also watch a slideshow of some great Shark images during the interview!

The whole interview is worth listening to, but you can fast forward to 4:08 to hear him talk about us and The Shark nickname.

He LOVES the nickname and thinks this blog has "interesting stuff!" Thanks Shark!

In other news, Sports Illustrated has a slide show of "Sports Sharks" that DOES NOT include Bernadina. Please tweet them @SInow and tell them what a mistake they made!

Shark Week continues and we have some more exciting posts lined up for the next couple days about some jawesome items we have recently received in the mail...

More to come.

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