Saturday, July 28, 2012

July Shark Fans of the Month

Well, the Nats lost 6-0 last night to the Brewers, so instead of covering that, we are going to announce our very first ever "Shark Fans of the Month Award." (It will make you happier than hearing about how Bernadina went 0-2).

So without further ado, the Shark Fans of July 2012 are...@byevictoriaaa's parents!
we do the chomp in our living room too
Earlier this month Victoria posted this image of the hardcore fans with this caption "Mom and Dad get too into the "shark" for Roger Bernadina... #Nats #Natitude"

There's no such thing as being TOO INTO THE SHARK! Case in point, here is the follow up picture posted by Victoria:

These fans clearly PERMANENTLY altered their body because of their love and devotion to Roger Bernadina. Well done! We are considering a Shark tattoo in the future, but it would look like this.

Victoria's parents, you are truly jawesome Shark fans and an finspiration to us all. Because of your sharkitude, I have a feeling the Nats will bounce back from their loss tonight and Shark will have a great game!

More to come.

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