Monday, July 23, 2012

Go Shark Yourself Contest!

No really. GO SHARK YOURSELF. Discovery Channel's Shark Week site has an awesome game where you can upload a photo and add Shark features to the photo, including eyes, mouths, gills, etc. (like a sweet scar or blood splatters). I just did one for everyone's favorite Shark, Roger Bernadina:

You can go create your own Roger Bernadina Shark photo and send it to us via TwitterFacebook, or email. We'll feature the best Sharkafied photos on our blog during Shark Week, starting Aug. 12. While we prefer photos of Bernadina, we would accept photos of other Nats players, Shark fans, or other people nicknamed "The Shark," like umpire Chris Guccione, who was nickamed by Mark Grace during the epic May 3 Nats vs. Diamondbacks games where we featured extensively on FSN.

Oh by the way, Roger Bernadina continues to dominate offensively, and everyone is talking about it.

After batting a measly .241 with a .325 OBP in 124 plate appearance during the first three months of the season, he has since batted an insane .482 with 14 hits in 29 at-bats.  He has also doubled his number of stolen bases while only getting caught once.  This has moved his season totals to a very respectable .292 average, .372 OBP, 11 steals, and 17 runs batted in along with zero errors.
Hopefully the Shark continues his streak in NY, where he has devoured the Mets before and is the only place he has hit two home runs in one game, back on May 12, 2010. (no link because the blog didn't exist yet!)

More to come.

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  1. Thanks for the link to my article! As you can tell, I'm very glad the shark is performing the way I've always hoped he would.