Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Best Shark Drawing Of All Time

Here is the original concept art for Sharkadina designed by Terry using the very prestigious program MS Paint. Notice how Bernadina seems to be inside of the shark, his feet the powerful fin, the dorsal fin coming straight out of his back and his glove and ball...the eye? Yeah, doesn't make a lot of sense. This was created the day we nicknamed Bernadina The Shark, Aug. 26, 2010 and graced our first ever sign:

And then there is this drawing done by the talented @silvitarr:

drawn by @silvitarr

This drawing seems to use the first picture as a jumping off point but increases the jawesomeness level by 2000%. Things I love about this drawing:
  • The shark actually looks like a shark and not some really bad cartoon that no child would ever watch.
  • The shark has tattooed the number 2 on his dorsal fin
  • One of Bernadina's arms extends through the pectoral fin
  • The other arm comes THROUGH THE SHARK's JAWS to make the catch.
Possibly the most badass thing we've ever seen at Sharkadina. Good work @silvitarr

More to come.


  1. That drawing is super badass... The second one... Not the first one... First one good... Though...?

  2. Should really turn that drawing into a "Shark Mode" t-shirt and try and get the Nats to wear it. They're got Chicken and Beast mode, so why not Shark Mode.

    1. Hey- thanks for reading the blog! Shark Mode shirts actually DO exist. Although it looks like 22Fresh doesn't have them available anymore. You can see a good picture of them here: Return of the Mako

  3. I will send u pictures of the T's that i made for my friends of my drawing on twitter :) @silvitarr