Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shark Hiatus

Hello beloved Shark fans,

Due to insane schedules (4 jobs and 2 weddings between Tyler and Terry), Sharkadina is on a hiatus until July. Sorry for all the emotional and physical damage I am positive that we caused you. We will be back soon!

Love Forever and Always,


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Return of the Mako

Mako Morse is back!
The return of Morse to the lineup provides a formidable offensive boost to the Nats roster.  And it didn't spell the end of the Shark's Nationals tenure!  Corey Brown was sent down upon Mako's return, leaving the Shark back in the PH, defensive replacement position, after some recent starts.

It will be exciting to watch the Nats play now with an extra Shark on the roster.  I'm expecting a full Shark Mode version of the Nationals to dominate the NL East.  When that happens, we are ready here at Sharkadina:

And even without the Shark starting everyday, he is still the Shark and he doesn't forget it!
Shark acknowledges fans at Nationals Park (photo by @heycaseyg)

The Sharkadina crew has been pretty busy as of late (hence the lack of posts) but we will do our best to keep them coming, especially with the return of Mako Morse.  Keep an eye out for the Shark in the news.

More to come.