Friday, May 4, 2012

#Sharkitude Park #OurShark

Tonight the Phillies invade #Naditude Park but luckily, Nats fans are ready and are apparently outnumbering Phillies fans for once. WE ARE TAKING BACK #OURPARK!  

We have already established that the Phillies are horrible, and Phillie fans are worse. With Strasburg pitching and Harper batting 3rd, the Nats have a good chance, and if Shark comes up to bat, please use the hashtag #OurShark and #Sharkitude on Twitter.

In other news, we were all over FSN Arizona last night! Announcers Mark Grace and Daron Sutton kept talking about us all through the 8th inning, saying they "loved the Sharks" and we were an example of "true fandom." Here is video from FSN Arizona (sadly, it's incredibly low quality)

Here's a higher resolution screen shot from us on TV
We would NOT fight the guy in the lower righthand corner ^
And in the biggest news of the day, the Washington Nationals are holding a contest and the grand prize is a ROGER BERNADINA GAME USED JERSEY. If we don't win this, we will be seriously depressed. The good news is we already won a prize on the first day. We posted this picture which, along with new Shark fan @BryceHarpy won us a Ignite your Natitude T-Shirt! 

We are planning even more, creative, natitud-y photos to enter into the contest the next two days so stay tuned!

More to come.

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