Friday, May 11, 2012

Sharkadina Night Perspective

If you have checked this blog anytime in the last 3 weeks, you would be quite aware of the fact that the first ever "Sharkadina Night" occurred last night at The Big Board in DC.  If you were there, you know this already, but if you weren't, I want to be the first to tell you that it was an absolutely AWESOME EVENT.  

Between the Shark Attack shots, the Sharklings, the hoods, the fact that the Shark started the game and batted second, everything was leading into it being an amazing evening.  After going 0 for 2 in his first two at bats, Bernadina decided to make the night his by hitting his first home run of the season!

You can watch the video on MLB by clicking here.

When you finish that, watch our reaction:

Thanks for that Shark!

It was great to see the big turn out too, and seeing as it is friday (#FF), here are some of the Twitter followers who showed up:
@Sharkadina, @tyinDC, @thebigboarddc, @flashgilbert, @MashaDanilenko, @LaDeenLa, @ewsiv, @bigcat_mike, @mo_brandon

Finally, here are some pictures from the night with many more still to come (on Facebook):

More to come.

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