Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shark Sign

The Nats fell to the Orioles last night 2-1 in extra innings. The Shark went 0-5 but kind of came through when he was up with two outs in the bottom of the eleventh and instead of ending the game, he reached 1st on a wild pitch. It looked like it could have started a rally as Zim hit a single right after, but it wasn't meant to be. The Shark and The Nats will try to take down the Orioles tonight.

In good news, the SHARK chants are spreading like wildfire around the stadium. We had our whole section chanting and doing the CHOMPCHOMP every at bat. Hopefully it continues to spread around the country so we can keep adding stars to our map.

Other good news- Terry won Fan of the Game again! And we haven't lost the Harris Teeter gift card. Yet. Check out the tape:

"We did it"

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After the game, we waited by the players parking lot to see The Shark with our good friend and Shark Super Fan Brandon Morrison. As usual, Bernadina was one of the last players out, but it was well worth the wait. We chatted for awhile and he signed the game used jersey that we won a few weeks ago:

The coolest thing he said was that he has seen the video of us celebrating his first home run during Sharkadina Night! I know we've said it before, but Roger Bernadina is literally the nicest man in baseball! He signed for everyone that was waiting and continues to indulge our weird animal themed obsession of him. Thanks for not telling us to stop, Shark!

The other BIGGEST NEWS is that we got interviewed on last night and the video is awesome!!!  You can watch it by clicking here@MLB tweeted it to their 2 million followers!  JAWSOME!

More to come.

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