Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sharkboard Walk and Astros Game Recap

The Nats are hot! And before you ask, yes, I'm talking "wearing a skinned llama while sunbathing in the middle of July" hot.  The full Sharkadina team (including Zac, Tyler, Elizabeth, and myself (Terry)) was at the game last night hoping that the Shark and the Nats would win their 8th game of the young season.   

Stephen Strasburg was pitching for the Nationals, and with a right handed starter on the mound for the Astros, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for the Shark to start in left field and feast on the weak Astros team.  As it turned out, the Shark didn't get the start, but still played a big role in the amazing 6-3 Nationals victory.

The game started with a trip the Scoreboard Walk for some less expensive beer and a brief interaction with one of the best Shark fans we've ever met.  Apparently, her brother in law named his car the Shark after Roger Bernadina... Jawsome.  If I had the money to afford a car, I would definitely name it the Shark too (in the meantime, I'll have to seriously rethink the name of my bike, Princess Unicorn Wheels).  Nothing better than hearing about Shark love.

To the Shark.
We got to our seats, refamiliarized ourselves with the surroundings, bonded with some of those sitting around us (while completely infuriating/alienating others), and enjoyed watching Strasburg pitch another dominating game.

After a while, we were joined by new found Sharkadina fan (and longtime Roger Bernadina fan) Brandon Morrison and his friend.  Brandon has a very special bond with the Bernadina, as contrary to ever shark story you ever hear, the Shark saved his life.  You'll have ask Brandon about more details, but I think the gist of the story was that he was tightrope walking over a pit of spikes, slipped on a banana peel, then was caught inches above the poison dipped spires by Bernadina's massive arm.  That, or he fell over a railing onto the field and the Shark kept him from hitting the ground.

Brandon with Shark
The Nats held a 2-run lead until the 6th when the Astros scored two to tie the game.  In the bottom of the sixth, with 1 on and 2 out, Bernadina was called in to pinch hit for Strasburg. At that point, our section blew up.  It seemed that everyone was chanting Shark with us, and pumping Bernadina up for success.  The chants were so loud (especially the "Shark Attack" chants) , you could clearly hear them on the MASN broadcast of the game (video/audio to come).  They were loud enough (and Bernadina himself admitted, "it was great" to hear them during the AB) to aid the Shark/distract the pitcher, because the Shark walked, extending the inning. 3 batters later, 4 runs were in and the Nats were leading 6-2.

Houston outfielders back up in fear as the Shark approaches the plate
It was the Shark's second PH rally-assisting walk in 2 days and this time, it led to the Nats victory.

Other game notes:
  • Rick Ankiel showed off his cannon of an arm at the game, throwing a strike to home plate from about 300 feet away.  It saved a run with the bases loaded.
  • Rick Ankiel showed off the fact that he's not the Shark by totally BIFFING a ball in CF, allowing a run to score and negating his previous play.
  • Steve Lombardozzi went 4 for 5 in the game and ended with several new nicknames including Lombo Field, Livin' la Vida Lombardozzi, Cheaper by the Lombardozen, Lombardoozie, and more.
  • Sharkadina will be back in the stadium on Friday.  CHOMP!
More to come.

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