Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As the Nats head into the last game of the Mets series tied 1-1, the Shark is given a much needed day off.

While at first sight, one might attribute the off day to:

  • The southpaw shark facing a tough left handed pitcher in Johan Santana, or...
  • The Shark only having one hit in his last 12 at bats, or...
  • The 5 strikeouts the Shark has in the last 3 games...

A real Shark fan knows that none of the above circumstances are the reason.

The reason of course is that today is a shark holy day. Have you ever wondered why there are never any shark attacks on April 11th? Well not you do.

The day is called Sharkabbath and it is a day where sharks all over the world take a day off from being total bad ass creatures to honor their fallen comrades, visit their family, go to their sharkagogue and enjoy their favorite meal with close friends.

As a sign of respect, Davey Johnson gave Bernadina the day off to celebrate Sharkabbath.

Artist rendering of sharks at the Sharkagogue
More to come.

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