Sunday, April 8, 2012


When Terry and I nicknamed Roger Bernadina "The Shark," we thought it was a pretty unique nickname. Well, little did we know that there was another player in the MLB already named Shark: Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija.

We were first alerted to this "strange but true" fact last July when astute Sharkadina fan, Jennie posted it on our Facebook page.  We followed the link to Jeff's Wikipedia page and our fears were confirmed:

"Several of Samardzija's Notre Dame baseball teammates affectionately nicknamed him "Shark" early during his career at Notre Dame."

Back then, we had never heard of Samardzija and were consoled by the fact that the Our Shark was a better player and more well known. And a lot cooler. And doper. And more jawsome. But now, The Other Shark has made the starting rotation of the Chicago Cubs and we find ourselves in the interesting situation of a direct SHARK VS. SHARK matchup today.

The epic battle is not going unnoticed by the Nats blogosphere, with The View From Southwest writing this:

I do not recall a game when men with virtually the same nickname have faced off on the diamond. Roger Bernadina is, and will always be, The Shark. Just ask my friend @Sharkadina on twitter and you will be properly informed, that it matters not, what a bunch of Fighting Irish baseball players call their former pitcher. Our Shark, and his herd of teammates, rule this ocean.

Today we will discover once and for all who is most deserving of the greatest nickname of all time.

Most likely, however, this will be the outcome:

More to come.

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