Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Fish, Big Shark

The ocean that is the Nationals outfield got a little more crowded this weekend, when big fish Bryce Harper and Tyler Moore hopped out of the little pond that is Syracuse and into the boundless sea that is the Major League.

The Nationals outfield roster is now (in no particular order):
Roger "The Shark" Bernadina
Jayson Werth
Bryce Harper
Tyler Moore
Xavier Nady
ricK anKiel
Mark DeRosa (DL)
Michael Morse (DL)

It looks like this:

When we all know it really should look like this:

The Nationals are coming home from the west coast to try to snap a four game losing streak. Hopefully they find the waters of east coast more friendly. While The Shark hasn't been playing much lately, there was a positively Shark-like play in centerfield this weekend when Bryce Harper swam ran full force into the wall to make the catch:

He Bryce Harpooned that ball! (maybe it will catch on)
I know you want more Shark news, but sadly, there is none to report. You could always listen to our radio interview again. And while you're at it, leave a suggestion for a Craig Stammen nickname in the comments.

See you all at the game on Thursday and at Big Board DC the following Thursday (May 10) for Sharkadina Night!

More to come.

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