Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Shark Domination

Davey Johnson, looking to keep a sharkplug in the 4-3 Nationals, started the Shark again today.  This is following his start against AL MVP Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers yesterday (which ended in a tie by the way).  This was a brilliant play on his move as the Shark rewarded his manager with a 2-out RBI single off Jake Westbrook to give the Nats an early 1-0 lead.  Unfortunately, the game was postponed due to rain, so the game/stats will not count.  It did raise the Shark's spring BA to .333, albiet briefly.

Fortunately, the Shark's single left an impression on the Cardinals/fans/everyone due to the strange conditions surrounding the pitch.  Below is a screen shot of the single:

Explosive, to say the least...
The Nats resume their spring schedule tomorrow against the cardinals, with more of the above expected.

More to come.

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