Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shark vs Tigers

It would be crazy to miss the opportunity to promote a battle between two ferocious species. The Shark-led Washington Nationals split squad faced off against the Detroit Tigers today.  The Detroit Tigers started reigning Cy Young/MVP Justin Verlander while the Nats led off with their own MVP (Most Valuable Predator).  The Shark got the upper hand in the first inning, singling off Verlander.  Apparently, even a 24 game winner fears the bite of the deadliest sea creature.

Unfortunately (and probably wrongly) the Shark was thrown out trying to steal second although Detroit Tigers radio announcer Dan Dickerson claimed that the Tigers probably caught a break on the call.  After the inning, there was a brief delay of game as Bernadina charged Tigers catcher Alex Avila, dismembering him.  One lucky fan snapped this photo right before the brawl.

Alex Avila and Roger Bernadina battle it out
A quick google search reveals a much more epic Shark/Tigers battle, but things don't look as positive for the Shark...  If it were Bernadina, those tigers would be fish chum.

3 Tigers vs Bernadina hardly seems fair...for the Tigers
At the time of this post, the Nats were down 4-3 and the Shark had been replaced by Destin Hood in the field.

More to come.

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