Friday, March 2, 2012

Let the Shark Games Begin

The Nationals kicked off their spring training games today with an exhibition game against the Georgetown University Hoyas.  Sadly, the Shark did not make an appearance in the game (I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow), but the Nationals still managed to win 3-0.  The real spring training games start tomorrow when the Nationals face the Astros at 1:05.  If the Shark is in the starting lineup, I'll definitely have to watch the game, and watch as he feeds on Astros pitching like the Magalodon feeds on blue whales.  For Tyler and I, spring doesn't begin until the Shark takes the field.

Fortunately for us (as we are ready for spring to begin), there has been a slew of Shark related news as of late:

  • The Nat's Blog wrote a great article about chances of the Shark landing a spot on the Nationals team, entitled, "The Shark's Final Chance to Hunt."  Not only do we love the use of the Shark nickname, but the article also talks positively of Bernadina's chances to leave a mark this spring.
Things are definitely looking up for the Shark and the Nats.  I'm definitely excited for the games to start tomorrow, so we finally see some 2012 Shark Action!

I leave you with a picture of the Shark and his brother Roderick taken at their last family reunion.

Roger and Roderick Bernadina

More to come.

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