Saturday, March 3, 2012

Helllooooo NURSE (Shark)

The Washington Nationals kicked off their spring schedule (on schedule) with a 1:05 game against the Houston Astros.  New Nat Edwin (nickname to be determined) Jackson made his Washington debut with positive results, allowing one hit and walking two while not allowing a run to score.  Despite his pitching efforts, the Nationals lost 3-1, and are officially 0-1 so far this spring.

But who cares about that?

The most important thing here is that Roger "The Shark" Bernadina made his spring debut today, and made a jawsome first impression of 2012.   Starting in left field and batting 8th, the Shark went 2 for 3, with a double and a run scored (it was the only run the Nationals managed to score).  One day in, things couldn't look better.  As everyone thought that he would, the Shark came to Spring Training with an fire in his eye.  No slow start for the Shark.  He's here to leave an impression.

His competition, however, showed up to play as well.  RicK AnKiel, starting in center, tripled (going 1-2) but failed to score.  Brett Carroll, also went 1 for 2, coming in to replace AnKiel halfway through the game.  Young Bryce Harper ended the game 1 for 3.  Xavier Paul went 0 for 1 and was the last out of the game.  I am still not convinced that he exists.

Despite the competition, the Shark outplayed, outswam, and outeverythinged all other Nationals today.  It is something that we can start getting used to.

Before I go, I leave with some pictures of the Shark taken by Shark fans @AllStars_S2  and @NatsHR2Win.  A very special thank you to both of these guys for risking their lives by getting so close to the Shark.

Bernadina at the plate, moments before his double
Bernadina scoring the run, moments before he eats Randy Knorr's leg
Bernadina doing his pre-batting practice stretches (note Knorr's leg)
More to come.

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