Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Even sharks need dentists

Despite having a solid spring, Roger Bernadina sat out for the second consecutive day today.  Fear not, though.  The cause was not related to his stats.  Rather, Bernadina sat out because apparently, even Sharks need to go to the dentist.  Apparently, while feasting on the Cardinals this weekend, the Shark chipped a tooth and had to get it removed.  It's those hollow bird bones... they ruin everything.

While the surgery was successful (for everyone except the dentist, who hasn't been seen since the moment the tooth was removed), the Shark was still too woozy from the 15 elephant tranquilizers the dentists had to use to sedate him, to play in today's game.  Hopefully he will be back in the lineup tomorrow.  By that point, a new tooth will have moved into the place where the other was removed, as with all Shark's teeth.

We managed to dig up a picture of the dentistry procedure.  Even with the sedatives, it was hard to keep Bernadina still.

Dentists remove Bernadina's teeth
In other news, there were Shark fans spotted down in Florida at a recent spring training game.  A very special thanks to our absolute favorite photographer, Cheryl Nichols, for breaking the story and providing photographic evidence of the Shark fans.  We love supporting the Shark and are glad there are others out there!

Bernadina Fans at a Spring Training game

More to come.


  1. It's great that he's recovering nicely. That's an awesome photo! That shark's really lucky. I have to visit my north hollywood dentist if I need my teeth pulled out. The shark has it good; the dentists come to him!

  2. This is a good example on the importance of teeth especially that it's something that we only grow once or twice.