Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breaking News: Sharks have toes!?!

Well, at the very least, The Shark has toes.  I know this because he had to leave Friday's spring training game, dealing with soreness caused by fouling a pitch off of a toe on his right foot against the Cardinals on Thursday.

This leads me to yet another revelation.

Sharks have feet too!?  This must be a recent evolutionary trait that came about as at least two members of the Shark family are playing baseball, a sport where it is helpful to have feet.

This is an incredible discovery and a major breakthrough in science.  Sharks are evolving from the ferocious creatures we all know, to something even more deadly.  The below photograph fully captures exactly what these new sharks look like.  Please share a moment of silence with me as we recognize the brave photographer who snapped this picture, moments before being swallowed whole.

A splitting image of Roger Bernadina

More to come.

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