Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Shark Standing/Hitting

Well, the Nationals season is over, and they couldn't quite squeak out the +.500 season we were hoping for, ending at 80-81.  Still, its 11 more wins than they had last season which is something to brag about.  They ended in third place, behind the Phillies and the Braves and ahead of the Marlins and the Mets.  Not too shabby at all.

Additionally, guess who had the final hit of the 2011 season?  The Shark
Guess who had the final RBI?  The Shark
Guess who will go down in history as the greatest hitter of the 2011 season?  The Shark

The Shark was the exclamation point at the end of the improvement season and I hope this exclamation point will help drive the Nats to the 2012 postseason.

It has been a lot of fun following the Shark this season and as promised, there will be a Season in Review post coming shortly.  Tyler is on a trip up to Boston, where I pray he rubs the Red Sox' epic collapse in the face of anyone wearing a B on their hat.  Because of this trip, you will just have to be patient for the Review...

In the meantime, I will leave you with something which is mostly unrelated.  Tyler and I have appeared on the Jumbotron something like 10 times this season (with two Fan of the Game Trophies under our belt as the highlight of those appearances), and apparently it runs in the family.  My cousin and uncle appeared on the Jumbotron at a Philadelphia Phillies game recently.  Regrettably, they are Phillies fans, but I love them anyway.  Anyway, my aunt e-mailed out this picture, which I presume means it is public domain??  They look so happy cheering for their Phillies!

Now look at the score.  GO NATIONALS!

More to come.

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