Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sharky Birthday Party

For the first time since the first two games of the season, Tyler and I went back-to-back with Nationals games.  There were six Shark fans on Friday, and despite saying "what up" to the Shark before the game, the Nats fell to the pesky Marlins.

To top Friday, last night, we were part of a group of 12.  In what will likely go down as the greatest birthday party in the history of the Sharkadina, my cousin Lucia and 5 of her friends, donned the Shark hoods, and celebrated turning 9 the best way possible... Cheering for Bernadina.

The hoods were used in the matter of which they were designed: for use by children (don't tell Tyler).   The kids did there part in spreading the Shark love, describing the origin of the nickname to everyone who asked about the hoods and cheered ferociously when the Shark was visible on the field.

We were sitting in Section 305, which meant we really had to squint to see the Shark, but as he was the only non-human on the field, in addition to the dorsal fin, piercing through the back of his uniform, he wasn't too hard to spot.

Wait, which one is the Shark?
It has been a long time since I was with a group of fans who cheered as loudly as this group did. Their enthusiasm rippled through the section, igniting a Shark spirit, which hasn't been seen since June 22nd.  Additionally, it was nice to see that their enthusiasm about the Shark and the Nationals was not affected by the outcome of the game... The Nationals lost 4-1 and the Shark ended 0-4.  He did come up with a man on second and nobody out in the 11th, but Davey Johnson ordered him to sacrifice Daddy Desmond over, instead of allowing him to win the game (COME ON DAVEY!).

Overall I had a good time and I hope those kids did too.  Additionally, I hope they tell all their friends about the Shark, and they tell all their friends, who tell their friends, until everyone knows Roger Bernadina is the Shark and will always be.

Side notes:
  • The last game Tyler and I will be at this season is next Friday night.  To everyone who is planning to attend that game: deck out in Shark gear. Lets have one more Shark Night of 2011.
  • To everyone who didn't tell me on Friday that Werth and Morse weren't starting... Sh**k off.
  • The Fantasy Baseball Playoffs have come down to the last day of the week for Tyler and I. We are tied as of 3:30PM with a ticket to the championship on the line.  Tyler (The Shark CHOMPians) has to win against me (The Shark Tank) in order to advance, because I took the season series 10-9. 
And it all starts... RIGHT NOW.
Last week of the season, means it is the last chance for the Shark to feast on Major League pitching.  Expect a late season feeding frenzy.

More to come.

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