Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shark Sliced


Who jammed a sharktonite tainted razor blade into second base yesterday, knowing that the Shark would slice his hand on it while sliding into the bag?!

I know it was you, Jason Isringhausen!  OR MAYBE IT WAS YOU JUSTIN TURNER!  Why does he hate sharks so much.  He's such a fishist.  Willie Harris...?  You lost your job fair and square last year.  Everyone prefers the Shark to you, pal!  Josh Satin, I don't know who you are, and I absolutely don't trust you.  DANIEL HERRERA, you have a sick and twisted mind.  You filthy animal!

Whoever it was, (I'm looking at you, Lucas DUDA) the Shark is now sidelined for a week to recover from the injury.  He isn't sidelined from seeking his revenge on every person of the Mets organization, which he will do until he plays ball again.

Tyler and I are going to the game tomorrow (can't believe we just missed Strasburg) so keep an eye out for the hoods.  We'll cheer for the Shark, regardless of the fact that he isn't playing.


|   M id         |
|   A tlantic    |
|   S hark       |
|   N etwork   |

More to come.

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  1. The best part about tonight was after the rain came and went, everyone left the park. This gave us prime seats right above the first base dugout.

    One of the Dodgers hit a screaming one bouncer line drive right past the dugout where Bernadina was sitting.

    "The Shark Never Flinches" I shouted

    He turned around and I got a cool steely eyed gaze from Mister Sharkadina himself (doing his best not to crack a smile). Made my flippin' night... hell, made my flippin' season. I love you Sharky.