Thursday, September 22, 2011


Quick poll:

How would you prefer the Shark to close season against the Phillies?
  • Going 2 for 4 with 1 run, 2 RBIs and a SB or...
  • Making a Great-White-Shark-Breaching-To-Devour-A-Seal style catch
To quote the Iron Man clip played when the Nationals are losing at the end of the game, "Is it too much to ask for both?"

That is exactly what Roger Bernadina did tonight against the Phillies.  He was playing at the 5 tool level we all know he is capable of.  His double and single sparked the offense while his defensive prowess backed Brad Peacock's  (the only member of the Nationals Zoo who doesn't need a nickname) gem.  Despite Mako Morse's attempts to steal the glory with a 3 run home run (which I will admit did help both my fantasy baseball teams), the Shark was the reason that the Nationals won this game.

The Nationals ended the 4 game Phillies series with 4 wins (the first time the Phillies lost 4 in a row since.... last year?) which brought them one giant leap closer to a .500+ season (it is statistically impossible for them to have a .500 record, feel free to ask me why).  Tonight's win brought their record to 76-79, meaning over the rest of the season, they have to go 5-1.  After watching the Nats outpitch and outplay the Phils, I am very confident that the Shark can lead them to 81 wins!



Apparently, it can happen!
The Shark has 5 hits in his last 14 ABs (.357 BA) with a home run, 2 defensive jewels, and 5 RBI's!  Literally (figuratively) on fire.

More to come.

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