Sunday, September 11, 2011

PR Shark

While the Shark is still hampered by his hand injury, which has limited his playing time, he has still managed to dominate on the base paths.

By that, I mean Davey Johnson has used the Shark as a pinch runner. While that may not seem like much to you, it means that he is getting better. He is healing. Soon he will be bigger, stronger, and faster than ever. Watch out NL East...

Also, since this post is called PR Shark, I am going to spin this a little more. Barring the improbable, the Shark will be at full strength by tomorrow. By next Friday, when Tyler, myself, Jumpin Zac Flash, Elizabeth, and two mystery Sharkadina's arrive at the game, the Shark will be at super strength. The most powerful player in the league.

Watch out for him this week. He's ravenous for fresh opposing player meat.

More to come.

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