Thursday, September 8, 2011

iPhone Sharkadina

Dear Google,

Thank you for finally creating an App that allows me to easily rest sharkposts from my phone. I wish you had created it earlier, for example, when I was traveling to Michigan/Chicago over Labor Day Weekend, but I will take what I can get.

Yours in love,

And now for an update on the Shark:

His hand is still cut. He didn't play in the opening game of today's double header. Also, he is flooding the DC metropolitan area, to make his work environment a little more like his home life. Nationals Park's center field will literally be an ocean when the Shark gets back out there.

Unfortunately, rain means canceled games...which is totally lame if you had tickets to yesterday's game and were jerked around by Bill Ladson's tweets... First the game was unofficially called, then unofficially on, then when we get off the Metro, it is officially called! What the Sh**k?!? Come on!! Speed Racer is not a good nickname (in case anyone thought suddenly that "Speed Racer" was a worthwhile addition to society)! It's terrible! You betrayed my trust, Bill!

The next game Tyler and I (and 4 other Shark fans) will be at a game, which we will get there via lifeboat, will be next Friday, September 16th. Keep an eye out for us!

Dear Davey Johnson,

Make sure that you start the Shark. Then we will be happy. Like this:

Yours forever and always,

More to come.

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