Friday, September 2, 2011

De Haii is terug!

Hello Loyal Shark Fans!

We've waited a long time, but the time if finally here! SHARK IS BACK IN ACTION IN DC.  Sharkadina is happy to report that we have confirmed Roger Bernadina's call-up from Triple-A Syracuse back to the Major League Washington Nationals. The news broke last night when Roger Bernadina wrote "De haai is terug!" on Facebook.  It was easy for us to translate since we know how to say "Shark" in every language.  He wrote: "The Shark is Back!"

It is not a coincidence that this is happening just days before Stephen Strasburg's first start in DC this year.  Apparently, after Strasburg's Aug. 27 start for Syracuse in which Bernadina blasted a lead off home run in the 1st (video with announcers calling him the Shark coming soon) and followed up with a RBI double in the 6th, Strasburg told Nats GM Mike Rizzo: "I will never pitch in DC again unless The Shark is in the line-up."  The Nationals management scrambled to backtrack on their previous mistreatment of Bernadina and made sure to promote him before Starsburg's first major league start this year.

I expect the Strasburg/Shark combo to prove deadly for many teams including the Dodgers next Tuesday night at Nats Park.


More to come.

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