Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shark Trick

If you were noticing that these posts have been short recently... you've noticed correctly!  This one is probably no different, unless I go on a long tangent and use run on sentences that never seem to end but don't necessarily seem to ramble until the point that they become so long that I feel self concious that people won't understand that I am doing on purpose...


The Syracuse Chiefs won again last night, beating the Yankees 4-2. The Shark was a major component of the victory, going 1 for 4 with a stolen base.  His biggest contribution came in the 7th, when, with the Chiefs down 2-1, he singled with 2 outs to continue the inning.  He promptly stole second base, and lurked there, waiting patiently...  The following batter then struck out... BUT the Yankees pitcher threw wildly, and the Shark, with his eyes on the prize, didn't stop at third on the bad throw, and instead crossed home plate knotting the game at 2.  Shark is tricky!  The Chiefs scored two more in the next inning to seal the victory.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the Nationals could have used the Shark, because he might have helped prevent the embarrassing 11-3 loss that the Nats suffered.  I would estimate that the Shark would have robbed about 8 of the runs that the Phillies scores, which would have meant a 3-2 victory.  I mean, there is no official guarantee that this is the case, but I can pretty much promise you that the Nats would have won in the Shark played.

In other Shark-news, the Anti-Shark, Logan Morrison was recently demoted to AAA from the Marlins.  Said the organization, "if Roger Bernadina isn't playing, there really is no need for the Anti-Shark."  Here's hoping their lifelong battle continues in the minors...

More to come.

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  1. Is there video of Shark scoring from 2nd on that wild pitch?